I’m Catarina, a photographer of people

I pick up my camera to find the beauty in the simplest moments

Hello, I'm Catarina, I'm the second of 4 children, today married and mother of two boys.
I am a photographer, a photographer of people, of special moments, of important days!
I do photography with a wide smile because it allows me to focus and capture everything that surrounds us. It is a way of embracing life and letting it embrace us.

I hope that one day our paths cross ;)


Fact 1

Since I was a kid that I love to photography, so I woust to steal my gramma camera in special family days.


Fact 2

Sneaking in pictures of my friends when in their element is an old hobby of mine, so portraiture is like second nature to me.


Fact 3

Just like with my photography, I enjoy the simpler things in life - being out and about with family and friends, good food, and nice views.


Fact 4

I love people and that's why you'll notice that I'm very talkative, a session will seem like we just went for a coffee.