We saw the photographs and we were like two children when Santa arrived. The edition was beautiful, now it's as if it would last forever. Just look at the photographs as soon as our heart asks! We shed tears as we relived it… Now I know why you love what you do, you work on love with love. And the result is visible…
— Inês & João
Pictures are beautiful, everybody loves them!
Ah, I'm still looking through them as I love them all, everyone loves them!
You are so talented Catarina!
— Katarzyna & João
What beautiful news and what a BEAUTIFUL gallery!
We've only had a first look, the look of anxiety and curiosity. And we love seeing our day in sequence, the naturalness surprises me and particularly pleases me.
Thank you very, very much for being you, your gaze...
— Michelle & Gil
Dear Catarina, the photographs are spectacular!!! They capture all the moments you would like to have recorded AND MORE!!
— Luísa & Luis
Catarina... There are no words... We saw and rewatched the gallery and it was like being transported back in time to September 16th... You made magic behind the lens and I can feel the love and commitment you put into your work, for which we are so grateful...
— Karina & Guilherme
We've already seen, My God!
You captured everything and every moment!
Thank you, thank you, we really don't know how to thank you! Excellent work Catarina!
— Inês & João